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Personalized assistance offers

IP Coaching Services

Are you sure your business is getting the most out of its intellectual property (IP) rights? You may be wondering how to effectively protect your intangible assets, or looking to educate your operational teams about the importance of IP?

I am here to help you by offering the IP coaching service, designed to help you maximize the value of your IP rights and build awareness among your operational teams.

This service will include:

  • Comprehensive Intellectual Property Rights Audit:
    I will perform a thorough assessment of your existing IP rights. I will identify opportunities for improvement, potential gaps, and possible risks to help you make informed decisions.

  • Meeting with Operations:
    I will organize a meeting with your operational teams to raise awareness of the importance of IP and to discuss sensitive points specific to your company. I will answer questions and guide you on best practices.

  • Strategic IP plan:
    Based on my audit, I offer you a personalized strategic IP plan for your company that we validate together. This plan will allow you to maximize the protection of your intangible assets while minimizing risks.

Start-ups offer in France "brands and domain names"

Starting a business is an exciting adventure that reflects your creativity, your vision and your commitment to your project. However, in the enthusiasm for creation, many young entrepreneurs neglect an essential element to ensure their long-term success: the protection of their intellectual property and particularly the registration of their trademark and the reservation of the domain name.

This is why I have designed an offer specially adapted to your specific needs.

The package offer for Start-ups will include:

  • An assessment:
    I will carry out an assessment to identify protection opportunities.

  • Establishing an Intellectual Property Strategy:
    I will develop a tailor-made IP strategy to meet your business objectives and budget.

  • Help in choosing the name to protect:
    I will help you choose the appropriate brand(s), as well as the form in which to protect them.

  • Development of the wording:
    I will proceed, with your collaboration, to drafting the wording meeting the requirements of the Nice classification.

  • Carrying out a prior art search:
    I carry out a prior art search in France and in the territories covering this country (EUIPO, WIPO) within the limit of 3 classes.

  • Registration:
    I will register your brand in France and reserve the associated domain name at the same time.

  • IP portfolio management:
    I will ensure continuous monitoring of your IP rights and I will support you in managing your portfolio effectively.

The advantages of working with the KIIP firm

  • Start-up Expertise:
    I have extensive experience supporting start-ups and understand the constraints they face.

  • Affordable Costs:
    I offer competitive rates to allow start-ups to protect their IP rights.

  • Accelerated Growth:
    By effectively protecting your IP, you can attract investors, enter into partnerships and stimulate the growth of your start-up.