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Protecting you: my core business

Among the crucial choices you must make, protecting your intellectual property rights is one of the most essential. From your company's distinctive brand to groundbreaking inventions, these intellectual assets are the cornerstone of your business success.

Here are 7 reasons why protecting your intellectual property rights is essential:

  • Identity Preservation:
    Your intellectual property rights are the face of your business. By registering them, you secure their uniqueness and prevent them from being used by others. This preserves your visual identity and sets you apart in a competitive market.

  • Legal protection:
    Registering your intellectual property rights gives you exclusive legal rights. You can take action against any unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights, thereby avoiding the risk of confusion or dilution of your reputation.

  • Value Creation:
    Strong intellectual property rights are invaluable. By depositing them, you establish a valuable asset for your company, facilitating possible collaborations, licenses or transfers.

  • Consumer Trust:
    Registered intellectual property rights convey credibility and trustworthiness. Consumers tend to trust registered intellectual property rights, which can drive loyalty and sales.

  • Peace of mind expansion:
    When you plan to expand, locally or internationally, registered industrial property rights make expansion easier by protecting you against disputes and ownership issues.

  • Avoid future problems:
    Failure to file puts your intellectual property rights at risk. The costs and hassles of resolving disputes or changing trademarks can be avoided by filing on time.

  • Investing in the future:
    Registering your intellectual property rights means investing in the sustainability of your business. This is a step towards building a strong long-term presence.

In summary, protecting your intellectual property rights is a strategic investment that preserves your identity, strengthens your credibility, and establishes a solid foundation for growth. Don't let your work be compromised.

Area of expertise:

  • Trademarks
  • Domain names
  • New technologies
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Business secrets, know-how
  • Contracts (assignment, license, NDA, etc.)
  • General conditions of sale and purchase
  • Image rights
  • Franchises
  • Start-ups


The range of intellectual property services offered is designed to offer you comprehensive protection of your intangible assets.

  • Audit of intellectual property rights:
    I carry out comprehensive audits of your intellectual property rights. I review your trademarks, designs, patents, domain names and copyrights to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities. This in-depth review ensures your assets are secure and optimized for maximum valuation.

  • Filing strategy:
    I develop tailor-made filing strategies for each intellectual property asset. My approach takes into account your business objectives, geographic reach and market developments.

  • Prior searches:
    Before undertaking a filing, I carry out thorough research to identify any existing similar uses. This essential step reduces the risk of conflicts and increases the chances of success of your request.

  • Filing and registration:
    I guide you through each step of filing and registering your intellectual property assets. Whether to protect your innovative inventions with patents, preserve the uniqueness of your brands or secure your artistic creations with copyright.

  • Official registrations:
    I manage the registration formalities, from requests to official registers to communication with the competent authorities. Your industrial property is rigorously documented, ensuring that your rights are officially recognized and respected.

  • Monitoring:
    Constant monitoring is essential to prevent infringements of your intellectual property rights. I actively monitor the use of your trademarks, designs, domain names and copyrights. If necessary, I take prompt action to enforce your rights and preserve your reputation.

  • Renewal:
    Protecting your assets doesn't stop with the initial deposit. I carefully monitor expiration dates and support timely renewal. Your rights remain intact, avoiding any risk of unnecessary loss.

  • Contracts and consultations:
    I am at your disposal to draft and negotiate license, transfer and collaboration contracts. I also offer personalized consultations to answer your questions, resolve your challenges and inform your decisions.

  • Dispute resolution:
    In the event of a dispute, I stand by you to defend your rights and resolve intellectual property disputes through negotiations, legal action or mediation, ensuring that your interests are protected.